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Synergix Contact

Synergix Contact is an IP-Based Multi Media Contact Center System with integrated database. Using this system, Customers can call or send sms/email/ fax / email to the Contact Center and the Contact Center also can make outbound calls and send sms/email/ fax to Customers.

Synergix Ticket

Synergix Ticket is a Multi Media Multi Ticket Management System. This desktop application is installed at all units concerned so that by connecting to the internet, all of the solution and update of Ticket can be monitored in real time by Contact Center and by all units.

Synergix Tele

Synergix Tele is an IP Based Multi Media Outbound Contact Center System. By using the system, Agents can effectively manage contacts with potential Customers by using four media: call, sms, email and fax.

Synergix Relation

Synergix Relation is a Customized Multi Media CRM System specially developed for Clients unique needs, as integration of database system and telephony and non-telephony application